Design keyholder from Buchenbusch

What a welcome! Hardly arrived home, eyes and keys are spoiled by our ingeniously beautiful key boards. And even as you leave, you look forward to seeing them again.

Available in concrete (light/dark), four different types of wood and a colorful bouquet of felt inserts.

Key board concrete

Key board wood

It all started at our design label Buchenbusch with a concrete lamp and a red textile cable. Now we have expanded our product range to include key boards.

With colored felt inlay for 10 keys

With the colored felt inlay, the tray offers space for up to ten keys and advances to the favorite accessory of your entrée.
The straight lines with the sharp edges in combination with the soft wool felt is a real statement and makes the character of the key board. Pure minimalism.

Concrete design AND wood design

In addition to our popular variant made of concrete, we have now also developed a key board that is similar at first glance but completely different in effect and impact - namely one made of wood. The natural and individual grain of the wood gives the designer piece a very unique, lively facet.

The design concrete key board

This key board can be easily mounted on the wall by means of two screws due to the two lens head fittings cast in the concrete.
To do this, first drill two screws into the wall and then put the board. Following this, you can tighten the two screws from the front. Once the concrete key board is firmly mounted, you can press the supplied insert into the slot provided on the front. This ensures a firm hold and easy assembly.

Key inlay flexibility

The inlay sits securely, tightly and without slipping in the concrete body, even with heavy use. Inserted keys hold without slipping. Replacement of the inlay with a new color is possible at any time. You can either order a new inlay from us or cut one yourself.

If you have any questions or further color requests, just contact us, we will help you immediately.

The concrete keyholder at a glance

  • Height: 5.0 cm
  • Width: 33.0 cm
  • Depth: 6.0 cm
  • Weight: 1,75 kg
  • Material: high performance concrete, sturdy wool felt
  • Mounting material
  • Assembly instruction

The material properties

In order to produce a key board made of concrete, which retains a permanently consistent feel and surface structure and does not crack over the decades, the optimum mixture is required. The following factors are particularly relevant for a concrete keyholder :

  • Exterior wall thickness
  • Desired haptics
  • Desired surface texture
  • Concrete color
  • No cracking
  • 100% made in Germany

To meet these demands, we use optimized high-performance concretes with self-compacting and high-strength components in our keyboards to meet the high requirements. So that your keyholder will look the same after decades as it does today!

Concrete color selection

The keyholder is available in a light "light" and a dark "dark" edition and can be combined with the many colors of the inlays.

The design wooden keyholder

A little softer and warmer than its big brother made of concrete comes the key board made of wood. Made in four warm wood tones, the keyholder reflects the four most popular and most widely used types of wood in the field of interior. Thus, it harmonizes uniquely with your interior, for example, the floor made of oak or the sideboard made of walnut.

Noble and discreet, the wooden keyholder fits in and is also a practical companion in everyday life. The hectic search for keys in the morning now has an end. Each key finds its place in the wooden key board. The centrally split felt strip holds up to 10 bunches of keys firmly and securely without them falling out.

With the choice of felt, which is available in 18 modern colors, you can - depending on your preference - sometimes harmonious, sometimes exciting and contrasting accents.

Made from solid wood

This keyholder is made of solid wood (no glued wood), which means that the wooden body is made of one piece. Due to the individual grain no key board is like the other.

Our wooden keyholder at a glance:

  • Space-saving, stylish key organizer for office, entryway, hallway or coat rack
  • Up to 10 bunches of keys are firmly fixed between the felt
  • Can also be used as a small shelf
  • 100 % natural and 100 % made in Germany
  • Materials: solid wood (beech, oak, ash, walnut), sturdy wool felt
  • Easy to clean because the key storage is polished and lacquered and therefore dirt resistant
  • Replacement felt inserts can be reordered
  • Perfect as a gift or souvenir
  • Available in the four most widely used wood species in the interior: beech, oak, ash and walnut
  • Easy mounting (incl. mounting material)


  • Height: 4.0 cm
  • Width: 29 cm
  • Depth: 6 cm
  • Weight: approx. 900 g
  • Material: Solid wood, 100% wool felt