Daniel Bartnick

Daniel has always had a heart for craftsmanship. He likes to tinker, develop and screw for a living. Nevertheless, he entered the career of a merchant and studied economics. The study of economics and also the further professional experience are an asset for Buchenbusch. After 10 years in different companies and positions, he founded the design label Buchenbusch together with Sarah Poley.

In the background, Daniel takes care of the invisible but difficult tasks, juggles with numbers and Excel spreadsheets, keeps track of all the innovations and laws, and thus ensures that everything runs on the right track. Daniel finds his balance in the workshop, where he drives the progress of the company and also always breaks new ground (currently it is the topic of CNC technology and the testing of constantly new concrete mixtures).

Sarah Poley

Sarah has been deeply rooted at Buchenbusch from the very beginning and is very familiar with all the workflows and processes. As a designer, she is jointly responsible for the clear, purist look and is especially in demand when it comes to aesthetics. For customers who are unsure and need advice or want to realize an unusual project, Sarah offers an all-round customer advisory service. According to the motto: Without advice, half is missing. Thereby our consultation is always free of charge and without obligation.

Sarah introduced the much-used sample service at the time. She also monitors the quality of our concrete umbrellas and is up to speed on all design programs. So she develops the designs for new projects together with Daniel.

Gabriella Eszli

Gabriella already brought a lot of experience in warehousing and logistics to Buchenbusch. The Buchenbusch workshop is her special area, where she makes sure everything is in order. She manages the incoming and outgoing goods traffic and supports us in production.

Tuğçe Same

The complete range of our "small" items is Tuğçes responsibility. Countless dimmers with and without cables, canopies and felt inserts pass through your hands every day and are carefully checked and conscientiously packed.

Benno Jochems

Technically and craftily very versed, Benno screws in his spare time either on his bicycle or on his motorcycle. At Buchenbusch, he stands behind our production machines and is primarily responsible for casting the lamps.