Hanging pendant light: This is the right way

Hanging a pendant lamp may seem challenging at first glance.

We want to make it as simple as possible for you and have greatly simplified and optimized the way of mounting our multi-flame pendant lights.

In addition, we would like to provide you with some tips and experience below.

The most important steps before

The right position for the pendant lamp is found. We now start preparing for the suspension of the pendant lamp:

  1. In the fuse box, switch off the circuit to which the luminaire is to be connected and check this with a voltage tester.
  2. Create enough space for the assembly work and get a second person to assist.
  3. Obtain a sturdy ladder and have all the tools and assembly materials ready.

There are different ways to hang a pendant lamp. It depends on whether you purchased a product with or without a rail.

Basic tips - regardless of the model

Valid for all models:

  1. Leave the concrete screen in the protective padding film during suspension, or wrap it in it again.
  2. If it is already clear from the outset that the cable is too long, shorten the cable while it is lying down. This is much easier than later on the ceiling.
    Take a folding rule and your installation partner to help you and pull the cable into the rail or canopy. Leave some cable as a reserve and cut. Then insulate and - if you have decided on a rail - do the wiring in the rail.

Hanging a single flame pendant lamp

  1. Once the preparation for the installation of the single-flame pend ant light is completed, start hanging the pendant light by drilling two holes in the ceiling(distance min. 3 - max. 5 cm).
  2. Loosen the bayonet retaining bracket and screw it to the ceiling.
  3. While the person helping holds the light, do the wiring on the ceiling.
  4. Place the excess cable in the canopy, slip it over the retaining bracket and screw it tight through the holes in the side.

Hanging a multi-flame pendant lamp

  1. Once the preparation for the installation of the multi-flame pendant lamp is completed, take the instructions and drill two holes at the specified distance to the ceiling.
  2. Attach the ceiling brackets.
  3. Hang the rail into the ceiling angles using the loops. The person helping always makes sure that the pendulums do not swing out and get damaged.
  4. Make the wiring on the ceiling.
  5. Lift the rail and attach it to the ceiling brackets. Finally, they can close the open ends of the rail with two dimming caps.

At the very end, remove the padding foil and insert the illuminants.

When the lampshade hangs too high or too low

Finally, a small note:

Hanging the lamp worked and everything works perfectly. Sometimes, despite all the accuracy happens that a lampshade hangs minimally too high or too low. Before you loosen the strain relief at the top of the ceiling suspension, you can make the correction from below. Lift the lampshade enough to reveal the socket. You can readjust the height of the lampshade by turning the ring.

Now you can reinsert the fuse and connect the lamp to the power.

More tips for suspension options

In addition to this, we would like to present some variants:

1. pendant lights hang on a power rail.

The power rail (link to ceiling rail) means the least work for you. Because basically all you have to do is attach the rail. We send you the lights already assembled and installed on adapters, so you only need to hang and align them.

2. hang several pendant lights on a canopy

This type of suspension is very individual and is increasingly in demand. Ceiling canopy can be an alternative when:

  • you need multiple light sources.
  • for various reasons you do not want to mount a rail.
  • there is only one ceiling outlet, which is also not directly above the surface to be illuminated.

The cables of the individual lights are fed through side openings into the canopy, where they are connected together to the power source. In addition to the specially drilled canopy, for hanging the pendant lights you also need cable holders (colloquially also monkey swing), on which the lights are suspended above the genwünschten place.

The following applies to this variant:
Measure carefully beforehand. Mostly more cable is needed than you think before.

3. hanging a multi-flame pendant lamp with supply line

In a standard rental apartment, the ceiling outlet is usually located centrally, but the dining table often comes to another place. Here, the power must be introduced through a supply cable. The multi-flame pendant lamp already has an opening provided for this purpose at the front of the ceiling rail.

Instead of the power cable from the ceiling, connect the supply cable. This should be three-core, so that the protective conductor can be connected to the rail.

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