Design concrete lights from Buchenbusch

Concrete - more than just gray stone 

When you think of concrete, concrete luminaires certainly don't come to mind first. Roads, facades, bridges - concrete is so present that it almost disappears in our perception. At first, we don't expect the functional building material to be very flexible.

By breaking away from this context, we perform an exciting twist with our concrete lamps, which you can stage quite smartly in your house or apartment. Due to the unagitated, down-to-earth character of concrete, the concrete lamp integrates effortlessly into almost any interior and sets sometimes harmonious, sometimes playful or contrasting accents through the choice of cable.

The most important features of our lights at a glance

  • Handmade from real concrete (not concrete look)
  • Sustainable
  • Consistent quality standard through highly optimized production processes
  • Available in various cable lengths and colors

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Our assortment

Concrete lamps

1 to 4 flames in the variations of light and or dark concrete. Rail and textile cable are freely configurable ...


With the table lamp "Cube" with concrete base you can create targeted light accents for a homely ambience ...


What a welcome! The design keyboards from Buchenbusch are ingenious eye-catchers ...

Rough material, filigree lamp shape

Our concrete lights may seem simple at first glance. But at second glance, there is an unusual and charming tension between the rough, hard concrete, the yet quite slender, filigree shape and the soft, flexible textile cable.

Concrete - more than just a trend

Luminaires in modern, classic or industrial style

Furniture and home accessories made of concrete are absolutely trendy at the moment.

The clear, defined design language of our concrete lamps with their no-frills body and smooth edges underscores the minimalist, purist concept. The modern as well as timeless design forms the cornerstone for variations of all kinds and individual design possibilities.

Depending on the choice of cable , the lights sometimes appear industrial, classic or modern.

Real concrete lights versus lamps in concrete look

Our concrete lights are actually made of concrete - unlike many other offerings that are either mostly cement or plaster due to the cheaper materials.

High-performance concrete with low cement content

For our lamps we use very fine professional high-performance concretes, which have a high content of gravel and sand, and on the other hand only a very small amount of cement - just enough to bind the individual granules.

The difference is enormous:
In contrast to the inexpensive lamps made of cement , our concrete lamps have a very fine-pored, slightly grainy, almost bubble-free, homogeneous surface .

We have optimized the production and manufacturing process to perfection, so that although each concrete lamp is individually handmade, but all lights serve the same quality standard and are absolutely identical. Therefore, our concrete lamps can be hung in a row without any problems.

Lamps with great strength and stability

Once the petrification process is complete, the concrete screens are remarkably strong and stable due to the extremely compacted material.

It is not an empty promise when we say that our concrete lamps are made to last forever. However, if at some point they need to be disposed of, this is not a problem. Although the concrete lamp is a stone made synthetically from several elements, they are all natural and free of harmful substances.

The aluminum ceiling rails, which are made of 80% recycled aluminum, can also be returned to the aluminum production cycle. Thus, the disposal of the concrete lamps is also sustainable and environmentally friendly.

In the beginning was the idea

Every idea has its origin in a very personal desire. When we, Sarah and Daniel, started Buchenbusch in 2012, we were driven by the idea of making a lamp out of concrete. What started small has grown over time. Because we realized: what we like, many other people in the world like as well. And so we have become one of the leading concrete lamp manufacturers in Germany with worldwide reach. Everything 100% handmade in our workshop in Aachen.

We work on two principles:
First-class, uncompromising quality of our luminaires made of ultra-fine high-performance concrete and excellent and very straightforward customer service, even years after the purchase. This is what sets us apart and what we are super proud of.

When we started to deal with the material concrete, we put our heart and soul into the subject and experimented and optimized until we achieved a perfect result. Since the space in our first workshop was no longer sufficient for our series of experiments and production, we moved shortly thereafter to a somewhat larger workshop with 24 square meters. That seemed huge to us at the time.

Two moves and eight years later, we find ourselves in the Aachen Rothe Erde district, which was shaped by 19th/20th century industry, and have moved into a disused hall on the Philips factory site.

What types of concrete lights we have?

We specialize in concrete pendant lights that hang down from long cables and provide a pleasant light (for example, for the dining area).

But also in the field of table, floor and ceiling lamps we are currently working on designs that we will publish soon.

What are the lamp models?

Our concrete lamp is available in "Light Edition", "Dark Edition", "White Edition" and "Black Edition".

  • "Light Edition": natural concrete with light gray warm tone.
  • "Dark Edition": concrete mixed with black pigments, tone: deep anthracite.
  • "White Edition": lacquered with special white lacquer, matte glossy, sealed appearance
  • "Black Edition": painted black with special lacquer, matt glossy, sealed look

Our care recommendation

Hard stone - gentle care

In order to enjoy your concrete lamp for a long time, less is more when it comes to care:

  • Refrain from using chemical or acidic cleaners
  • Use a soft cloth or feather duster to clean the concrete screen
  • If, despite all caution, it should happen that the concrete screen becomes contaminated (e.g. grease splashes), smaller stains will soak in over time.